• Masimong Minerals has generated extensive experience through its shareholder partners, the market leader in mineral, ore, waste and Byproduct agglomeration.
  • The services offered comprise of the development of Low-cost Pelletizing , Mobile pelletizing equipment for coal , carbons , iron ore concentrate , various Iron ore bearing filter dusts and Slimes.
  • Masimong Minerals’ product development is to the suit client’s needs with the use of proprietory binder systems, selected and developed to match various feed materials.
  • Masimong Minerals has adopted a phased approach from lab to bulk test work with clients being an intergral part of the product development process and our product testing is internationally recognised with (ISO and ASTM) standards.
  • Our full testing facilities in Vanderbijlpark including: Thermal testing up to 1200C, Abrasion (Tumble test), Drop Test, Compression Test (Hot and Cold), Weather and water resistance.




  • To be a global leader in the agglomeration and beneficiation of fine mineral material,
  • To be a black controlled, managed and technically competent agglomerator of minerals in respect of product handleability and quality,
  • To provide sustainable environmental solutions through the reprocessing, repackaging and recycling of mining and industrial waste material
  • To improve the economics of mining operations through waste product agglomeration and re-blending,
  • To act as a Black Emerging Miner, thereby entrenching economic empowerment and transformation in the mining sector,
  • To establish collaboration between established miners and emerging miners to overcome current and future challenges,
  • To provide opportunities to black youth,
  • To undertake significant skills transfer in the mining industry,
  • To enable job creation in a sustainable manner.


  • Mike Teke - Chairman (b.1964) served in various roles in BHP Billiton and Impala Platinum until 2007,
  • In 2008, he left Impala to start Optimum Coal Holdings as the Chief Executive Officer, and went on to list Optimum Coal on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in March 2010,
  • In September 2012, Mr. Teke resigned at Optimum Coal to pursue other business interests,
  • In 2012, he was appointed as Chairman of Richards Bay Coal Terminal ( RBCT), the single largest coal terminal in the world, and is currently serving on this role,
  • In 2013, Mr. Teke was elected as the President of the Chamber of Mines of South Africa and is currently serving in this role,
  • Mr. Teke is also the founding and controlling member of Dedicoal (Pty) Ltd, a service based mining and beneficiation vehicle, active in the South African mining sector, and also sits on various boards of unlisted and listed companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE),
  • He holds a BA Honors degree and an MBA from UNISA School of Business Leadership.

  • Jane Victor - Director (b1971) obtained a Bachelor of Accounting Science and Labour Law certificates with distinction through UNISA.
  • On completing articles she joined Soot Control equipment as the assistant to the Managing Director. The company, which was the leading manufacturer of on-load cleaning equipment for boilers primarily for Eskom, Sasol & pulp and Paper industries.
  • After the sale of main core business to an international company in 1998, the company changed its name to SCE Ashman & became intensively involved with material handling and agglomeration of materials.
  • Jane Victor has been operating as the financial manager and deeply involved in management & development of the company for the past 15 years.
  • Mr. Banzi Giyose - Managing Director (b.1984) previously worked at Ipreo, a Canadian based capital markets firm as a junior research analyst covering U.S. Financials in 2008, and thereafter joined Sanlam Investment Management as an equity research analyst covering retail stocks,
  • He was previously Chief Executive of Good Earth Power SA, a subsidiary of ZR Energies, a company based in Middle-East focused on renewable energy solutions for power generation,
  • In 2010, he became a founding member of Oakleaf Resources (Pty) Ltd, a mineral exploration firm, active in the South African mining sector,
  • Mr. Giyose is a member of the Fossil Fuel Foundation, World Coal Institute, Business Unity South Africa, and Black Business Council,
  • He is a founding member and Managing Director of Umndeni Coal Beneficiation (Pty) Ltd, a company that is active in mineral agglomeration.
  • Mr. Giyose obtained a masters degree in Marketing & Economics from TUT and is currently pursuing a PHD through UNISA researching on structural impediments hampering growth within the coal commodity sector in
    South Africa.

  • Mr. Mava Ndamase - Director (b.1975) previously served as a director of Good Earth Power SA, a subsidiary of ZR Energies, a company based in Middle-East focused on renewable energy solutions for power generation,
  • He is the founding member of Oakleaf Resources (Pty) Ltd, a mineral exploration firm, active in the South African mining sector, He is currently the director of Umdeni Coal Beneficiation, a company that is active in coal agglomeration in partnership with Sasol Mining and Eskom.
  • Mr. Ndamase obtained a Media and Communications degree from Stellenbosch University,
  • He is a member of the Pondoland Royal House in the Eastern Cape under CONTRALESA and,
  • Mr. Ndamase is a founding member of Masithwalisane (A rural women initiative to help and support disabled people).

  • Cameron Mullen - Director (b1964) , served in various Marketing and Technical roles for Diamond Power Specialty from 1989 – 1996 , the company specialised in On line boiler cleaning solutions and Ash handling.
  • In 1996, Cameron left Diamond Power and joined the newly formed SCE Ashman , heading up their operations within the Sasol Group, within five years Ashman was handling and managing all of Sasol Chemical industries Coal and Ash systems and well as several boiler optimization projects at this time Ashman was handling more than 6 million tons of material on an annual basis.
  • In 2001, Cameron setup the technical and production operations of SCE Ashman’s Agglomeration and Minerals handling division , within twelve months Ashman had secured several supply contracts for Pelletized Zinc products , developed and were producing Micromax oil well products (Mini Pellets) as well as Briquetted Coal for the Metallurgical industry.
  • In 2004 both the Zinc Pelletizing and Micromax divisions were sold to downstream end users and Cameron’s main focus was to develop Metallurgical Briquette Market with a specific focus on Alloy , Ore Recycling and Agglomerated Products used for Electrical consumption reduction within the Steel and Alloy Industry.
  • Since 2008, Cameron’s main focus is in the development of the agglomeration business internationally and is current involved in several projects in Scandinavia, eastern and Southern Europe, Nothern India as well as the United States.